​ Twisted Sisters (TV Series) 2019
-Sound Recordist

DTE Energy ‘Know Your Own Power’ (commercials) 2014
-Boom Operator​
DTE Business Support

True Life (TV Series - MTV) 2016 (episode: We Are Transitioning)
-Sound Recordist​ ​

​ Mysteries at the Museum (TV Series) 2014-2015
​ -Sound Recordist

 Push (TV special produced by The Berrics) 2015
 -Sound Recordist

 Cody Cepeda 

Skippers (feature) 2018

-Sound Recordist

 The Pickle Recipe (feature) 2016

 -Boom Operator

 Small Hands (short) 2016

 -Sound Recordist


PRevious Projects


I am a Sound Recordist in Grand Rapids, MI


mark broe

I specialize in...

Sound Recording

Boom Op

Sound Design


Boosh! (webseries) 2012–2013

-Sound Recordist and Sound Editor.

Buried In The Backyard (TV Series - OXYGEN) 2020
-Sound Recordist

​ Great Lakes Dental Care (Commercial) 2016
-Sound Recordist

​ Give Up The Ghost (short) 2017 (Official Selection, Cannes 2017)
​ -Sound Recordist